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Harris Reed partners with ETRO to reimagine his signature pussy bow blouses in iconic, luxurious fabrics from ETRO’s archive.

Harris Reed: “I feel honoured to partner with Etro on this deadstock project, as a young designer, their support is invaluable and it is a dream come true to collaborate with the fashion house, as I’ve always deeply respected the brand - it has a beautiful deep heritage and long legacy. Veronica Etro and her amazing family were so excited by the idea of taking luxurious fabrics from their archive, and allowing me to bring them to life again, in my signature Pussy Bow Blouses. The same silhouette was created for the likes of Harry Styles, Ezra Miller and Troy Sivan. The patterns and designs were created in my small studio in London, but they were truly brought to life through Etro’s archival fabrics. I am extraordinarily excited for people to see these pieces, as they are completely one of a kind and a very limited run of each - which I feel, is part of the beauty of demi-couture due to its intimate buying format. I hope this brings a new way of looking at luxury fashion, not only in the way of gender and fluidity but also the idea of upcycling and the beauty behind it”

The limited 3-piece exclusive capsule is crafted from upcycled silks in floral and paisley prints and comprises of two voluminous silhouettes adorned with a bow on the front or back.

Veronica Etro, Creative Director of ETRO: “When Harris Reed reached out to collaborate with us on this special project, I did not have doubts. Harris is a young and talented designer that conveys wonderful messages with his work and I was happy to have the chance to mix our textile research and archival fabrics with his innovative approach and taste. Moreover, I love the idea of giving a new life to archival fabrics by transforming them into exclusive 'one-of-a-kind' creations.”

To celebrate this season’s launch of MATCHESFASHION’s Innovators Programme, the annual initiative championing and supporting emerging designers MATCHESFASHION launched a series of exclusive conversations. Harris Reed and Veronica Etro caught up over Zoom to discuss the emotional impact of fashion and the synergies between their creative practices. View the conversation HERE.

The exclusive capsule launches is now live.


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