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Pre-Fall 2020

A sailor in the city

Like a seasoned captain who guides his ship onto the open seas, whilst following an ever- steady course, the Sportmax Pre-Fall 2020 collection explores the utmost freedom that comes from impeccable tailoring. An urban tribute, these ensembles embody within, the mesmerising ebb and flow effect, of the tide. The style circumnavigation, which began with the Spring Summer 2020 collection, continues.

Clean lines, structured materials, in essence, are fluid to the touch. The blues, whites and reds that call to mind the storied mariner lifestyle, are imbued with an elegant metropolitan palette of black and beige.

These cornerstones of the season are enlivened by neo-romantic accents, as if they were the foamy crests that splash over the boats bow.

The silhouettes accentuate the figure, referencing the iconic 1960s “slim” look.....and even when the proportions are elongated, they maintain a composed harmony. While the sleeves explore new volumes, they are embellished with fastenings that create asymmetry, enhancing the garment with a sense of depth.

The protagonists of this season are the ensembles that rewrite the tailleur, which has always been at the core of Sportmax, with a contemporary spirit. This time the suit is updated with various knits and quirky details like eco-leather inserts for the jacket combos while at the same time, accomplishes a new sense of balance between a three-quarter vest with a pair of slacks.

Then comes the trench, or the perfect fil rouge that ties every collection together, and that is at the very core of the brand’s DNA. Various versions that run the gamut from leather to mini, from three quarter sleeve to sleeveless - this classic never ceases to evolve. Sophisticated blouses are paired with trousers or ultra clean denim skirts. The clothes are animated by smooth-to-ornate surfaces, and the fluidity of silk is finished with refined, ribbed knits.

Among the accessories, the Corto Maltese hat, is the hallmark of a collection salutes the adventures of the far seas. The glasses offer a futuristic, gritty touch, while silver footwear infuses this Fall Winter season with a dose of levity.


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