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Shine Your Princess - Qatar base brand.

“If  you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes” _ Andrew Carnegie

This is a quote, I often refer to, whenever I need motivation. This quote has led me to change my main focus from literature to my passion, which is fashion design.

When I started designing in 2016, it felt like a painstaking process, but once I attended some workshops, it became easier. Especially because my drawing hobby helped me a lot and enabled me to translate my ideas into creations. Traveling helped me as well. It provides a sense that so much is yet to be discovered, which inspires me to combine designs from previous centuries and from different cultures into my designs to make them unique and modern.

The idea of creating a completely Qatar based brand which designs dresses for little girls comes due to the lack of representation of designs and ideas. InshaAllah I am seeking to represent my country at the international level.

By designing, I tried to give life to something original from within myself to share with the world. My advice to young girls is to actively engage your mind in something that leaves you fulfilled and improves your life. 


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