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Joy is an immediate, sudden feeling. It draws a smile on the face; it brings a light to the eyes, and energizes the body. It oozes energy, momentum, and owns distinctive gestures. It knows no time and no place. Models Anna Ewers, Parker Van Noord, Alessio Pozzi and Grace Musase are portrayed by David Sims in the dazzling non-place of a white background in the new ETRO campaign. These are immediate and vitaminic images, which depict a study in the making of joy and vitality: a spark in the eye, the whiteness of teeth or the wind in the hair are enough to convey the message, getting straight to the point. It is the same joy that runs through the collection, a further exploration of ETRO's family lexicon. The pictures intentionally wink at the way we were to define the way we are. If the prints, but also the accessories, are an archive anthology, with imaginative names such as Bandiere da Parata, I fiori del Cielo or L’Albero delle Meraviglie, the images are an obvious homage to a perhaps more carefree decade. Not for ETRO. What remains, in order to evolve, is in fact the joyous urge to mix signs and meanings, the vital freedom in merging worlds, the immediacy of fashion as a pure expression of joy. Yesterday and today.


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